Voyager Sails offers a complete line of accessories for our customers.  From roller furlers, to spinnaker socks, to the StrongTrack luff slide system, these are all systems that we use ourselves and highly recommend.

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Furling Systems

We sell Furlex and CDI Roller Furling systems.  While both are designed to do the same thing, furl a genoa in order to reef or stow it, comparing the two are like comparing apples to oranges. 

The Furlex is a "head swivel" system, meaning that the head of your sail is attached  to a head swivel that is raised with the boats genoa halyard.  The CDI system is an "internal halyard" system, which utilizes it's own built in halyard to raise the sail.  Both units are built to serve a particular clientele and both do their particular jobs extremely well.   

The "head swivel" type systems are technologically the most advanced, but this technology comes with a higher price tag. The "internal halyard" systems are less expensive and are, for the most part, easier to install but they lack the performance of the "head swivel" systems.  Adjusting luff tension on the headsail is more difficult on an "internal halyard" system and changing sails can be more challenging. 

Click on the system of your choice to find out more about it's features.

Furlex Drum
Furlex Furling Systems
CDI Drum
CDI Furling Systems

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Spinnaker Control Systems

Spinnakers are a great addition to the cruising sail inventory, but they can be a bit difficult to handle when the wind comes up.  The addition of a spinnaker sock and an ATN Tacker can change all of this for the better and make downwind sailing a lot more fun. 

Spinnaker Socks

Like the Furlex and CDI furlers, the ATN Spinnaker Sock and the Chutescoop Spinnaker Sock are at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum.  Both serve the same function by utilizing the same principal, but the ATN sleeve is more advanced and it utilizes higher quality components.  The Chutescoop, however, is the perfect choice for smaller boats and on larger boats it is an economical option.  Click on the links below to compare these two spinnaker sleeves. 

ATN Sock
ATN Spinnaker Sock
Chutescoop Spinnaker Sock

The Tacker

The patented "Tacker" has been developed to control the tack of the cruising spinnaker (asymmetric) by fastening it over the furled headsail.  It also allows you to use your conventional (symmetric) spinnaker like an asymmetric spinnaker from beam reaching to broad reaching without the need of the spinnaker pole.

When flying a spinnaker on a beam reach without utilizing a spinnaker pole, the "Tacker" keeps the sail from falling to leeward.  This keeps the spinnakers center of effort more forward and centered on the sail plan, keeping the driving force of the sail going in a forward direction rather than sideways and thus heeling the boat.  Click on the "Tacker" link for more information

Tacker Display
ATN Tacker

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Tides Track

There is nothing more frustrating than a "sticky" mainsail; a main that is difficult to raise and drop.  Some styles of luff slides are naturally prone to binding, while full length battens have a tendancy to compress the closest luff slide against the mast, making the sail get stuck at the most inopportune times.  A main that is difficult to hoist and drop is not only a pain, but it is dangerous as well.

Over the past couple of decades, many luff track systems have been developed to make raising and lowering the mainsail easier.  The trouble is, most of them cost an arm and a leg.  Many of them are heavy, adding to the heeling moment of the boat.  Most are based on an aluminum track that attaches to the aft side of the mast, which stiffens the mast considerably.  If your boat has a bendy mast, and your main is cut to fit that bend, you would now have to go through the expense of having the luff of your mainsail recut because the addition of the aluminum track will change the bend characteristics of your mast. 

Tides Track (formerly called Strong Track) fixes all of that.  Made UV and salt water resistant UHMW, the track is flexible enough to not change your masts bend characteristics, and it doesn't weigh as much as aluminum track, which keeps your boat on it's feet in a blow.  And a Tides Track is a less expensive alternative to virtually every luff track system that we are aware of.  Great performance at a fraction of the cost!! Click on the link below to find out more about Tides Track.

Tides Track

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