Voyager Storm Jibs                    

When you are out on the ocean in survival mode with the wind howling through the rigging and the boat punching through the waves, you want to make sure that you have sails up that will last through the storm and beyond.  That is not the time to start worrying if your "good deal" storm jib is going to hold up through the night.  Voyager Sails makes storm jibs that will stand up to the elements, easing the mind of the sailor who is caught out in those white knuckle conditions.  One look at a Voyager Sails Storm Jib will tell you that it is a sail that is purpose built, with no compromises. With our pre-designed sail sizes, we can offer you a great Storm Jib at prices that won't break the bank.

The area of a storm jib should be less than 5% of the boats I dimension squared. For example, if your boat has an I dimension of 43 feet', the formula would be .05 x (43 x 43).  So, a storm jib for this boat should be 92 square feet or less.  Go down to our pricing table and choose the sail that is closest in size but not over 92 square feet.  In this case it would be the 80 square foot model.

Voyager Storm Jib Features
Storm Jib

            • Heavy Duty premium Dacron Sailcloth
            • Triple-step zigzag stitching on seams is strong and abrasion resistant
            • Three rows of Heavy Duty triple step stitching on seams.
            • Large oversized Heavy Duty corner patches spread corner loads into sail body
            • Heavy Duty leech and foot lines
            • Web reinforced Stainless Steel corner grommets
            • "Flutter patch" reinforcements on leech end of seams prevent failure
            • Luff rope finished to meet your boat specs on tape version
            • Heavy Duty hank attachments and luff reinforcements for hanked sails
            • Double layer heavy duty tapes on all edges
            • Double stitching on edge tapes and corner patches
            • Heavy Duty Brass Jib Snaps on hank version
            • Hank at tack to accomodate tack pennant (hank version)
            • Choose between stock sizes or custom sizing
            • Sail bag





Storm Jib Information
Sail Area Boat Size Cloth Weight Price
35 Sq. Ft. 20'-27' 7.3 oz. $347.00
45 Sq. Ft. 25'-32' 8.5 oz. $376.00
60 Sq. Ft. 30'-37' 9.6 oz. $531.00
80 Sq. Ft. 33'-38' 9.6 oz. $623.00
100 Sq. Ft. 36'-42' 10.6 oz. $758.00
125 Sq. Ft. 38'-45' 10.6 oz. $946.00
150 Sq. Ft. 45-50+ 12.5 oz. $1,104.00

The prices above are based on average sizes for most boats.  We can also build a custom storm jib for you if you don't see a size combination that you are comfortable with.  High visibility Orange corner patches can be requested at no extra charge.